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2012 series


Technical Parameter

BF4M2012 BF4M2012C BF6M2012C
Rated Power(kw) 75 103 155
Rated Speed(kw) 2500 2500 2500
Max torque/speed(N.m/r/min) 390/1500 493/1500 743/1500
Aspiration Turbocharged inter-cooled Turbocharged inter-cooled Turbocharged inter-cooled
No. of cylinders 4 4 6
Configuration In-line In-line In-line
Injection system Mechanical unit pump Mechanical unit pump Mechanical unit pump
Displacement(L) 4.04 4.04 6.06
Bore(mm) 101 101 101
Stroke(mm) 126 126 126
Compression ratio 19 19 19
Rotation(looking at flywheel) Counter clock wise Counter clock wise Counter clock wise



Section plane of engine





1. Oil filter                                              

2. Diesel filter                                        

3. Oil bath air cleaner with pre-cleaner and dust collector                 

4. 12V/24V starting motor                  

5. 12V/24V charged generator            

6. Diesel engine electrical shutdown device(only generator set)                 

7. Automatic belt tension unit             

8. V-belt break alarm device               

9. Belt guard(only for generator set)  

10. 4 Engine elastic supports           

11. SAE Flywheel and housing         

12. Oil temperature sensor and alarm switch (VDO analog signal)      

13.Oil pressure sensor and alarm switch (VDO analog signal)             

14. Diesel engine accelerator adjust device (only generator set)                 

15.Mechanical adjusting speed device                                                   

16. Diesel engine paint(gray)




1. Gear driven hydraulic pump

2. Belt driven air compressor

3. Hydraulic oil radiator

4. Starting aid for engine starting below minus 5℃ down to minus 20℃

5. 12V/24V Diesel engine electrical adjusting speed control device

6. All kinds of meter of diesel engine

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