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Deutz 34-141kw Air Cooled 913 Series Diesel Engine

Advanced injection and combustion system. 
PTOs via gear, V-belt and crankshaft. 
Extremely compact design. High torque at low speeds. 
Modular system with single cylinder arrangement and high degree of parts commonality. 
Customized component system with many different peripheral parts. 
Cold-starting ability even under extreme climatic conditions.

  • 913 series
  • Deutz
Technical Parameter
Model F4L913 BF4L913 F6L913 BF6L913 BF6L913C
No. of Cly 4 4 6 6 6
Bore/stroke(mm) 102/125 102/125 102/125 102/125 102/125
Displacement(L) 4.085 4.086 6.128 6.128 6.128
Air-intake system Naturally aspirated Turbocharged Naturally aspirated Turbocharged Turbocharged after cooling
Rated Power(kw) 34-56 66-78 51-85 112-118 125-141
Rated Speed(kw) 1500-2500 2300-2500 1500-2500 2300-2500 1500-2500
Cornpression ratio 17 18 17 18 18
Direction of rotation(facing cooling blower) Clockwise Clockwise Clockwise Clockwise Clockwise
Dimension(mm) 860x673x820 865x692x845 1120x673x820 1134x711x910 1134x711x990
Weight(kg) 310 350 420 485 510



Section plane of engine





1. Fuel filter.
2. Diesel Filters.
3. Cleaner air base oil witha pre cleaner and dust collector.
4. Starter 12V/24V.
5. 12V/24V charging generator.
6. Automatic drive belt tension.
7. V-alarm device in case they break the straps.
8. 4 elastic engine mounts.
9. SAW Flywheel and housing.
10. Oil temperature sensor and alarm (VDO analog).
11. Oil pressure sensor and alarm.
12. A mechanical device for adjusting the speed.
13. Power off device for diesel engines (generators only).
14. Strap Protector (only for generators).
15. Acceleration adjustment device for diesel engines (generators only).16. Painting for diesel engines (in gray).

1. Exhaust absorption silencer suitable for remote mounting.
2. Exhausts muffler "spark arrester"
3. Exhaust manifold-muffler (only for those who do not have turbo charging).

4.Dry type air cleaner with restriction indicator.
5. Diesel engine suitable for mounting brackets rigid.
6. Hydraulic gear pump.
7. Air compressor belt driven.
8. Hydraulic oil cooler
9. Strting aid, engine power ranging from less than 5℃ and minus 20℃ off.

10.12V/24V speed control device for diesel engine.

11. Mechanical lever off.
12. Speed control device for diesel engines.
13. All types of measurement for diesel engines.

14. Others.

You are here: Home » Products » DEUTZ Air-cooled Series of Engines » FL912/913/914 Series » Deutz 34-141kw Air Cooled 913 Series Diesel Engine
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