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  • How about warranty?

    A We provide warranty on all products sold.
    Complete engine and power units: the warranty period is one year or 1200 hours, whichever comes first.
    Spare parts: warranty period is 3-6 months
    During the warranty period, if the problem is caused by product quality, our company can provide free parts to compensate.
  • How to arrange delivery?

    A Considering the large volume and weight of our products, to save the shipping cost, we generally recommend ship to your nearest port
    For small items and urgent orders, we can also provide air shipment and send goods to the airport in your city or your company address.
  • How long is the delivery time?

    A For complete engine and Power units , we need to arrange production according to the order, our general delivery time is 15-30 days.
    For spare parts , our general delivery time is 5-15 days.
  • How to buy a Water pump unit?

    A About Water Pump unit, we need the information as follows:
    (1). Delivery head____m
    (2). Max Suction lift____m
    (3). Pump speed_____rpm
    (4). Inlet/Outlet port size____mm
    (5). Max flow___m3/h
    (6). Max solids size___mm
    (7). Rated power of diesel engine___kw___rpm
    (8). Rated power of Water pump___kw__rpm
    (9). Application, what kind of liquid does the pump suck? Please see it as following;
    -Clean water_____
    -Water with Fine solids_____
    -Water with Large solids_____
    -Oil &Hydrocarbons_____
    -Screened sewage_____
  • How to buy a Diesel Generator set?

    A There are 5 information we need to confirm:
    1, What is the rated power and speed of the Genset you need?
    2, Do you need Single-phase and three-phase electricity?
    3, Do you need 60HZ or 50HZ generator?
    4, Do you need open type or silent type generator set?
    5, How many pieces generator set do you need?
  • How to buy Deutz engine spare parts?

    A First of all, please tell us the part number of the parts you need. We will supply the same parts as yours.
    Secondly, if you don’t know the part number, please provide parts name and engine series number, then we will check the part number through engine series number. 
  • How to buy an engine?

    A First of all, please tell us what machine do you use the engine for, the rated power and speed of the engine you need, then we will select the model suitable for you based on these three information.
    Secondly, if you want to buy an engine for the replacement of the old Deutz engine, please also provide a clear nameplate photo of the engine so that we can find out the engine’s configuration and provide you with a similar configuration engine.
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